About The Crowd

Sold Out Crowd is run by local theatre professionals who understand the unique theatre culture of Los Angeles. As the only Los Angeles-based service, Sold Out Crowd's mission is to support the local theatre community. We help producers fill seats and spread the word about their shows, while making the theatre more accessible to those on a limited budget. In addition, Sold Out Crowd donates 10% of all proceeds back into the L.A. based, non-profit theatre community.

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Sold Out Crowd members consist of a loyal base of theatre enthusiasts with an appetite for live entertainment that exceeds their financial means. Whether they are artists, students or seniors, Sold Out Crowd members love the theatre and understand the value of a complimentary ticket. Not only do they support a show by filling a seat, but also they continue to support the production by spreading the word to potential ticket buyers.

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The Sold Out Crowd network of theatres and producers is wonderfully diverse and offers something for everyone. Many of the major venues in L.A., as well as the burgeoning community of small to mid-size theatre companies, list tickets with us. Whether it's a Broadway Musical or an intimate Theatre Row play, most producers need help filling seats during previews, opening weekend or press nights. They especially need courteous, enthusiastic and discreet individuals who will support each production and contribute to the theatregoing experience as a whole.