Testimonials from Theater Goers

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This membership is a dream come true for me. I am now able to attend so many great performances that I would never be able to afford. It's hard to believe what a wide choice of venues offer tickets. Joining was one of the best investments I ever made! The only problem with your service is too many choices!

— Cheryl D., Member

I get so much joy from this membership and have seen some wonderful shows that I would not otherwise have been able to see. I love the arts, and going to the theatre has become so much more accessible to me now. Thank you very much for making this program available - and affordable.

— Lulu F., Member

You've opened up a huge opportunity for me to see more live theater. I'm an actress and usually wouldn't be able to justify these big ticket shows. This has made a huge difference for me. Being able to be part of the community and actively seeing shows is so important to me. I really appreciate it.

— Mary B., Member

Got tickets through SOLD OUT CROWD for (show name removed)..saw the show tonight! Amazing! Got two comp tickets for only a $3 processing fee per ticket...and could see everything from our seats. Would not have been able to afford to go otherwise! Thank you SOLD OUT CROWD!

— Christofer S., Member

PINCH ME! $3 tickets to discover talented playwrights and actors in the L.A. theatre scene that I would not have discovered on my own. Plus, I get to invite a friend to be entertained and enlightened with me.

— Sharon T., Member

Before I met Justin I watched great shows come and go only in the trade papers. Now on my limited budget, I'm at the theater twice, sometimes three times a week!

— Michael S, Actor and Theatre Enthusiast

Sold Out Crowd has helped me branch out of a theater rut where I only knew a few theaters in L.A. and frequented them. I now get to experience a range of theater and broaden my experiences without breaking my budget. Also, as a working mom, it's hard to plan long-term and it's a gift to get a list of possibilities for the coming weekend.

— Erika R., Member

Testimonials from Theater Professionals

Working with Justin has been a pleasant and efficient experience. He's made sure our needs were met and continued to communicate with me every step of the way in regards to our ticket offers. Best yet, when there's a situation at Will Call he's immediately on it to find out what happened as well as to resolve the issue on his side. His work habits and bedside manner have given me confidence in a job well done on his end.

— Skypp Cabanas, Ticket Operations Coordinator - Center Theatre Group

I've worked with Justin in many capacities and I believe that he has a commitment to the development of a strong theatre community. He has already had experience running a complicated operation such as Sold Out Crowd, and understands the needs and nuisances involved in such an enterprise. I look forward to watching him develop ways to serve the theater community with this exciting new organization.

— John Money, Producer, Kill Me Deadly, Film, Eat The Runt

Having worked closely with Justin Okin for more than a year, I feel confident in recommending his services to anyone. With great integrity, dignity and commitment, Justin is passionate about making a difference in the LA theatre community. And without a doubt, he will!

— Susan Grace, Owner/Publisher, GRACE NOTES - the industry standard for daily theatre news.